Adath Hebrew Academy Transportation Guarantee

Adath Hebrew Academy Transportation Guarantee


Adath Israel is fully committed to providing a paid transportation service on Tuesday afternoons from four local public schools to our synagogue:

We have carved out two routes to service these schools: 

  • Route 1: Ledbury and John Wanless
  • Route 2: Faywood and Dublin Heights

All drivers will be licensed and insured according to Ontario law to transport students and must have approved, up-to-date police background checks.


We must guarantee a minimum number of 5 students on each of the two routes.   


  • Adath Israel is pricing the service on a cost recovery basis.
  • Pricing is based on $20/ride per student. 
  • To ensure economic viability, families would have to commit to the full academic calendar.
    • The Fall term will have 12 sessions ($240). Payment due June 28.
    • The Winter term will have 18 sessions ($360).Payment due Dec 1.


We understand there will be hesitancy for some families who are relying on the transportation service before choosing to register for 2019-2020 as each waits for another family to do so.

To mitigate your financial risk, we are offering our families the following guarantee  for which we have set a firm deadline of June 21st.  This deadline allows time to make your choice about attending Adath Hebrew Academy if we can’t garner sufficient demand.

THE GUARANTEE: If you register for Adath Hebrew Academy and sign up for our transportation service, and if we do not garner sufficient demand for your route, we will guarantee your full money back should you wish to withdraw. To be clear, we will waive any administration fees listed in our Refund Policy if “transportation registrants” wish to withdraw up to and including June 21st.


To help us understand the demand for our transportation service, please register now below. This registration is SEPARATE from the Hebrew School registration which you will have to sign up for separately. 

We will NOT take a deposit now for transportation but please be sure this is what you want to do so we don’t make an important demand-based decision in error.

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