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FJMC Man/Youth of the Year is a special yearly event that honours members of the participating synagogues who contribute to their Men’s Clubs’ successes.
The Adath Israel Brotherhood’s nominees were: Youth of the Year – Jeremy Urbach and Man of the Year – Robert Besunder.
See below for Jeremy Urbach’s acceptance speech
Click HERE to read Robert Besunder’s acceptance speech

7:30 pm: Memory and Aging

Wednesday, February 2, 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Sponsored by Club L’Chayim.

Scientists studying the complex relationship between aging and memory have found that in a controlled experiment, people can remember the details about past events with a surprising 94% accuracy, even accounting for age. These results, published in the journal Psychological Science, suggest that the stories we tell about past events are accurate, although details tend to fade with time.

“These results are surprising to many, given the general pessimism about memory accuracy among scientists and the prevalent idea that memory for one-time events is not to be trusted,” said Nicholas Diamond,

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