Tzedakah is equal in importance to all the other commandments combined.

Babylonian Talmud, Baba Batra 9a

Donations & Sponsorships


The 2021/5782 Koach campaign is coming to an end.  Adath Israel is committed to emerge from COVID with strength and purpose. 

For those who have not yet made a gift, we encourage you to please do so and to be as generous as possible.  Equally important to funds received, however, is the act of participating in this congregational effort. Every gift at every level, large or small, sends a message of support to our clergy and staff who have worked tirelessly in keeping members as connected as possible to the synagogue throughout the pandemic.

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There are many ways that you can help support Adath Israel through donations and sponsorships.  Our Synagogue provides a wide variety of meaningful opportunities to honour someone special, to celebrate a lifecycle occasion or milestone or to honour someone’s memory.

When you make a donation to Adath Israel, you may want to: 

  • Say thank you
  • Wish someone a speedy recovery
  • Express your sympathy to friends experiencing a death in the family

Adath Israel allows you to acknowledge events of both joy and sorrow while supporting the Synagogue, its activities and programs.  You can:

  • Support our adult education webinars
  • Sponsor a Shabbat Bulletin, Breakfast, Seudah Shlisheet or Bimah Flowers
  • Dedicate a Siddur or Chumash
  • Support a fund or endowment
  • Send a tribute card
  • Dedicate a pew, memorial plaque or leaf on the Tree of Hope
  • Include a loved one in the annual Yizkor Memorial Book

Payments for sponsorships and donations may be made by Visa, MasterCard, cash or cheque.

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