Tzedakah is equal in importance to all the other commandments combined.

Babylonian Talmud, Baba Batra 9a

Ko’ach Campaign

Annual Ko’ach Campaign 5779
Ko’ach – There is Strength in Numbers

They gave Life

Nearly 60 years ago, 60 leaders had the foresight and commitment to build a new Adath Israel in what was then the northern outskirts of Toronto.  Rabbi Erwin Schild called it nothing less than a “magnificent triumph of courage and vision” that gave life to the thriving congregation we are today.

We give Strength

Today Adath Israel numbers more than 1,800 families, making it one of the largest Conservative synagogues in North America.  We have beautiful facilities and much to be proud of, but in the end, we are only as strong as our weakest link. Those before us had the wisdom and understanding to provide for us. It is now our turn to provide for others.  Please do your part to give strength – Ko’ach to Adath Israel.

We all know about giving in multiples of Chai.  Our Annual Campaign is focused on giving Ko’ach to our congregation.

Ko’ach is the Hebrew word for strength.  The numeric value of kaf-chet is 28.

Think Strength Think Ko’ach Think 28

Here is a convenient “Ko’ach Calculator” to help you find a gift left that will strengthen Adath Israel:

$56Double Ko’ach – Twice the Strength
$1224 x Ko’ach – From Strength to Strength
$1967 x Ko’ach – Strength in Numbers
$28010 x Ko’ach – Congregational Strength

And for those who want to combine Chai AND Ko’ach:

$50418 x Ko’ach – Life with Strength
$1,008Ko’ach – Pillars of Strength
$2,016Ko’ach – Yasher Ko’ach – May we all be Strengthened

Thank you for your gift, may you go from Strength to Strength

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