The Yiddish word “aufruf” means ‘calling up’. Traditionally, it has referred to the ritual in which the groom is called to the Torah for an Aliyah on the Shabbat prior to the wedding. It’s an occasion to honor him before this very special moment.

However, in our day, it has become an opportunity for both the bride and groom to come up on the bimah for a special blessing (misheberach) in recognition of their upcoming simcha at which time the couple is presented with a gift from the congregation. It is also possible for either the bride or groom to have an Aliyah to celebrate their impending wedding and for them and their family to share in the joy together. An aufruf can take place on any day the Torah is read.

If you would like to book an aufruf, please contact Nancy Goldstein, Director of Lifecycle Events at 416.635.5340 x 313 or Mazal Tov!

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