I am for my beloved, and
my beloved is for me.

King Solomon, Song of Songs, 2:16


Celebrating Your Wedding at Adath Israel
and with our Spiritual Leaders

The rabbis and cantors at Adath Israel Congregation are thrilled to help you celebrate your wedding! We look forward to partnering with you in making your special day everything that you imagine it to be.

Adath Israel is an amazing facility at which to celebrate your wedding. Synagogue members as well as non-members are encouraged to hold their celebrations at the synagogue. Adath Israel clergy are also available to officiate at other venues.

In accordance with Conservative Jewish practice, both partners must be Jewish and if previously married must have completed a Jewish divorce.

Picking a Date

Jewish weddings take place at almost any time, though there are some restrictions. Weddings may not take place

  • On Shabbat or major Jewish holidays
  • Between the 17th of Tammuz and the 9th of Av
  • During the first 32 days of the Omer period


Adath Israel clergy happily officiate alongside other rabbis and cantors. Please let us know of co-officiants, so proper arrangements can be made.

Weddings at Adath Israel

Ceremonies at Adath Israel typically take place either in the Main Sanctuary or in the Donnenfield Chapel. The synagogue has many beautiful chuppahs for your use or you may provide your own.

The synagogue is proud to have multiple caterers who each provide excellent food of varying styles and price-points.

Weddings Outside the Synagogue

Our clergy is available to officiate outside of the synagogue as well. For members and non-members, please discuss fees directly with your chosen officiant(s).

A necessary component of any Jewish wedding is a festive meal (seudat mitzvah) to take place soon after the ceremony. The leadership of Adath Israel affirms the importance of kashrut (Jewish dietary laws) to the sanctity of Jewish life. At the same time, we recognize that for a variety of reasons not everyone organizes a kosher reception.

Though a fully kosher affair is always preferable, the spiritual leaders of Adath Israel will officiate at a wedding in which the reception is not certified kosher under the following conditions:

  • Invitations note that a kosher option is available
  • The bride and groom share a kosher certified meal (included hamotzi on kosher bread) with the officiant(s) following the ceremony
  • Kosher food is provided to those who order it
  • No pork or shellfish is served and milk is not mixed with meat

Members and all those wishing to book a wedding at Adath Israel should contact Nancy Goldstein at 416.635.5340 ext. 313 or nancy@adathisrael.com

Non-Members booking a wedding outside of Adath Israel should contact the synagogue office at 416.635.5340 and ask to speak with the clergy of their choice.

Toronto Community Mikvah

Our congregation is a member of the Toronto Community Mikvah. It is a wonderful resource available to all of our members. Please visit the website to learn more about the Mikvah and the role it can play in your lives. Mikvah – it isn’t only for conversion and marriage.

Click HERE to learn more.

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