To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven. A time to be born, a time to die.

Ecclesiastes 3:1

Death & Mourning

When a Death Occurs

You are not alone. The Adath Israel community is here for you. When a loved one dies, you may feel sorrow, grief and confusion. You may wonder what to do next.

Funeral Home

Your first call should be to the Jewish funeral home of your choice.

Benjamin Park Memorial

2401 Steeles Avenue West
Toronto, Ontario
M3J 2P1

Steeles Memorial Chapel

350 Steeles Avenue West
Toronto, Ontario
L4J 1A1

Hebrew Basic Burial

3429 Bathurst Street
Toronto, Ontario
M6A 2C3


The funeral home will speak with you to determine where your loved one will be buried and will also be in touch with our office. Note that as we emerge from COVID-19, each cemetery will be updating its protocols regularly for the health and safety of all family members and visitors.

Contact Our Clergy

Our clergy remain unwavering in their commitment to serve you as your spiritual leaders, and will be able to guide you in times of need when you lose a loved one. Please contact one of our Spiritual Leaders immediately.

  • Rabbi Adam Cutler at 416.635.5343
  • Rabbi David Seed at 416.635.5341

Cemetery Plot Information

Many of our members have pre-purchased the rights to a plot in advance of a spousal passing. However, if you not reserved your plot(s), it’s likely that our longstanding plot policy is not top-of-mind.

We encourage all our members to review our cemetery plot policy by clicking HERE.

It is important to note that if members do not reserve plot(s) in advance, while the right to a plot is free for the first spouse to pass, there is a charge for the plot of the surviving spouse if the intent is to reserve an adjacent plot. The timing to confirm this intent is after the Shloshim. That discussion is between our Lifecycle Event Director and the surviving spouse/family members.

Your may also contact our Director, Lifecycle Events,  Nancy Goldstein or  416.635.5340 (313) and she will address all your questions about availability and pricing.

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