To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven. A time to be born, a time to die.

Ecclesiastes 3:1

Cemetery Policy


The following will outline Adath Israel’s longstanding policy with respect to our member’s right to a cemetery plot at the time of death.

While this policy is not new and has been in place for many decades, it may not be top-of-mind. We want to ensure we are providing transparency so our members do not have to navigate difficult issues about a cemetery plot at the time of a loved one’s passing.


Adath Israel (“Adath”) cares for its members from birth until death. Although the synagogue does not own or operate its own cemetery, we are grateful to partner with three cemetery organizations to ensure that our members receive a respectful Jewish burial upon passing and that their grave is cared for in perpetuity.

The synagogue purchases burial plots in sections of a number of cemeteries in anticipation of future need. Our cemetery partner organizations are Roselawn Cemetery; Bathurst Lawn Memorial Park (where there are no allotment rights remaining); and Pardes Shalom Cemetery (operated by Toronto Hebrew Memorial Parks or THMP which also operates Pardes Chaim). Pardes Shalom is nearly full so Adath will purchase cemetery plots at Pardes Chaim once our inventory of plots at Pardes Shalom is depleted.


Every Adath member in good standing is entitled to a cemetery plot at Pardes Shalom at the time of need (death).

a) When is the right to a plot free? 

For Single members and for the first spouse to pass, the right to a plot is at no charge, presuming the member’s annual contribution is paid in full. The specific location will be the next available plot in the Adath Israel section of the cemetery.

Furthermore, if the surviving spouse chooses NOT to be buried in a plot adjacent to their deceased spouse upon passing, they will have the right to be buried in a plot at no charge at the next available location in the cemetery. This presumes that the surviving spouse is a member in good standing at the time of passing.

b) When is there a charge for the right to a plot? 

There is a charge when the surviving spouse chooses to be buried in the plot adjacent to their deceased spouse. This is referred to as an allotment right certificate (or a designation of interment right) and ensures that both spouses can be buried next to each other.

The price the surviving spouse pays for the right to the adjacent plot matches exactly what Adath paid to THMP.  To be clear, Adath does not charge more than what it paid for a Pardes Shalom plot.

Importantly, from a timing standpoint, the office will wait until after the shloshim to connect with the surviving spouse and to ask whether they wish to purchase an adjacent plot.

Separately, please note that individuals who have not purchased interment rights do not have cemetery privileges if they cease to be members.


Adath Israel members – singles and married couples – have the right to reserve their plot(s) prior to the time of need, for which there is a charge. For further clarity, if a couple wishes to pre-purchase adjacent plots, they are required to pay for both plots at that time. When plots are pre-purchased, the couple forgoes its rights to a free plot.

For plots at Pardes Shalom Cemetery, the pre-purchase fee to acquire the burial rights to a plot is based on the same cost which Adath Israel paid to Toronto Hebrew Memorial Parks, the operator of Pardes Shalom Cemetery.

The purchase price of plots at Roselawn Cemetery is set by Adath Israel and is reflective of the price of burial rights in nearby cemeteries.

At Roselawn Cemetery, the purchase price of plots is set by Adath Israel and reflects the pricing of burial rights in nearby cemeteries.

There are two benefits to pre-purchasing plots:

  1. Members will know where they will be buried, providing peace of mind for the surviving spouse and family members at the time of passing.
  2. For plots at Pardes Shalom Cemetery, members can purchase at the same rate for which the shul purchased the plot. Once a section is filled, the fee for a plot in a newer section, as set by THMP, will inevitably be more expensive.  Click HERE for THMP’s current price list.


  • Click HERE for a map of the Adath Israel sections at Pardes Shalom.


We hope this helps to clarify Adath Israel’s cemetery plot policy.  If you have questions about plot reservations, availability and pricing at Pardes Shalom or Roselawn Cemeteries, please contact Carol Handelman, Director, Membership Services and Cemetery and Bereavement Matters, at or call (416) 635-5340 (309).


Organ Donation

Our Spiritual Leaders see organ donation as a new means to fulfill an ancient, eternal religious duty.  This idea also includes the giving of blood, bone marrow and donating redundant organs.

Our Spiritual Leaders urge that consent be given for post-mortem organ donations when requested by doctors and hospitals for use when directly needed for life-saving transplantation procedures.  This applies to the individual in anticipation of his or her own death, as well as to health care proxies or next of kin whenever they are legally empowered to make such decisions on behalf of the deceased.  By so doing, we render a profound and genuine honour to the deceased.

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