Morning Weekday Services

Morning Weekday Services

During COVID-19, in-person MORNING weekday services will be open and we encourage you to join us here at Adath Israel, as long as you are mindful of your own health and well being.

While we will continue to track attendance to ensure we comply with our maximum allowed capacity, ONLINE REGISTRATION IS NOT REQUIRED FOR SUNDAY or WEEKDAY MORNING SERVICES

We have established stringent protocols for all those who visit our shul for weekday prayers services. You must wear a mask to gain entry into the shul and sit in seats marked as reserved. Please click HERE to review our COVID-19 protocols so you are optimally prepared to attend in-person services.

If you cannot attend but wish to participate remotely, you may watch our livestream broadcast.  Click HERE.

Please note that evening services (Minchah/Ma’ariv) will be held via Zoom between Sundays to Thursdays. Click HERE to access Zoom details.


Click HERE for the memorial prayer to be recited in lieu of Kaddish.

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