Parent-Led Carpool Program

Parent-Led Carpool Program

For parents who have the ability to participate in a Tuesday afternoon carpool program, we know Adath Hebrew Academy must make it seamless for you to connect.  The process is actually quite straightforward, but we need parent buy-in to make this work.

All parents will have the choice to opt in to our confidential class list which will include their name, email, FSA plus their child’s name, grade and public school. CLICK HERE to see a sample of the template each opted in parent will receive.

This list can be used to arrange playdates, send invites to parties and very importantly for our Tuesday students, to enable parents living in the same neighborhood to connect and formally arrange carpools within an accessible network.

Adath Israel guarantees confidentiality and will not share information outside of your child’s class.  We will begin gathering information in the summer from those who have opted in and we’ll share the list in August so parents can begin to communicate with each other.


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