Our kids come home from Hebrew school and I feel as though they are taking a greater interest in how our family observes holidays and Shabbat. It is so rewarding to hear them make comments to us and to each other and to feel that we are providing them with a solid foundation in their Jewish education

- J&S Stein

Parent Information

Dear Parents!

Thank you for allowing us to partner with you in educating your children. We take the responsibility for educating our students about Jewish lifecycle events and customs, and work on teaching how to read Hebrew and key prayers. But with limited time we have in the classroom, we need your assistance in reinforcing what the students learn.

So please be our partners, and your childrens’ best teachers, by:

  1. Asking them to “show what they know” on Shabbat and Holidays, especially when candles are lit, and the kiddush (blessing over wine) and “hamotzi” (blessing over the bread) are said. You may be pleasantly surprised as they sing along or show you how to do it! We begin teaching this in JK, so it’s never too early to begin!!
  1. In Grades 3-6, find 5 minutes twice a week to practice the SMART reading program which is sent out weekly. Check off how many minutes your child read; class prizes are given for cumulated minutes and the biggest prize is that your son or daughter will be comfortable reading Hebrew long before their Bar or Bat Mitzvah!
  1. Come to our Chanukah and Pesach concerts to hear all the prayers and sons your child has learned. Kids love performing in front of family–so bring as many as you can!
  1. Read the monthly bulletins sent home by email. Lots is happening in the short time we have your children–find out what is going on!
  1. Read the calendar carefully, email teachers about absences and ask them questions about progress.
  1. Email me about anything at principal@adathisrael.com or call on my cell: 647-502-4599, I would love to hear from you!


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