Throughout the year, our Parents’ Handbook will be updated, including with COVID protocols.

Please check in here regularly to review your parents’ handbook. Click HERE to access the latest PDF copy or read below.



Section 1: School Address:

Adath Hebrew Academy • 37 Southbourne Avenue • Toronto, ON M3H 1A4

Section 2: Leadership Staff and Teachers

Avivit Yoffe our Principal of A-HA will be joined by Vice Principal Ariella Markus who is also the teacher for our Grade 3 & 4 students. Avivit is a passionate, dynamic educator who was formerly the principal of the Beit Rayim Supplementary School, the largest school of its type in the GTA.  Avivit will be your main contact for academic questions.

Shulamit Heisler will be your administrative contact in the office with respect to registration and Perry Zosky will be your contact for payment.

Ashley Waltman, our Education Committee chair and Bernie Rabinovitch, our Executive Director, will support Avivit and the Hebrew School staff throughout the year and oversee the scholarship committee.  Should you wish to apply for a scholarship, the first step will be to complete a UJA application (Click HERE).

Teaching Staff:  If you have a specific question or concern about your child’s classroom experience, it is important that the initial contact is with the classroom teacher.

Grade Room Teacher Email 
Grade JK/SK 21 Brooke Sacks
Grade 1 & 2 20 Rachel Aleman grade1-2@adathisrael.com
Grade 3 & 4 Ulrich Hall Ariella Markus grade3-4@adathisrael.com
Grade 5 & 6 Greenspoon Hall Shayna Kravetz grade5-6@adathisrael.com


Staff Leaders Position Email Phone
Avivit Yoffe Principal avivit@adathisrael.com 416-635-5340 (314)
Shulamit Heisler (M-F) Admin Coord shulamit@adathisrael.com 416-635-5340 (322)

During school hours on Sundays (9:30 am-12:15 pm) and Tuesdays (4:30 pm-6:15pm), you can reach our office at 416 635-5340 (314).

Section 3: Schedule Information

Class times are laid out below.  Classes will always start on time so please be sure to arrive 5 to 10 minutes in advance as it gives your kids a chance to schmooze before the class begins.

Grade JK/SK and Grades 1 & 2: 

  • Sunday: 9:30 am to 12:15 pm
  • Tuesday: No Classes

Grade 3 & 4 and Grades 5 & 6: 

  • Sunday: 9:30 am to 12:15 pm
  • Tuesday: 4:30 pm to 6:15 pm

Section 4: Curriculum

Avivit will continue to energize the curriculum emphasizing Hebrew reading geared to B’Nai Mitzvah preparation, Jewish lifecycle and history, as well as integration of Jewish online technology.  These are designed to spark a series of A-HA moments through your child’s journey from JK to Grade 6.

Click HERE to view the A-HA! Curriculum by grade.

Section 5: COVID Protocols

Our in-class COVID protocols have been developed in collaboration with our Medical Advisory Committee. We are fortunate to have five doctors with diverse backgrounds providing counsel including Dr. Ronald Cohn, an Adath member, and the President & CEO of Sick Kids.

Please click HERE or refer to Appendix 1 below for our extensive COVID protocols.

Section 6: Remote Learning via Zoom

If necessary due to Ontario government requirements, A-HA is prepared to revert to Zoom learning as we did for the 2020-21 school year.  However, it is our intent to resume and move forward with in-class learning. 

Section 7:  Early Pick-up Policy:

We appreciate that some children have outside obligations that necessitate early dismissal. In order to not disrupt classroom learning, parents are required to call ahead and your child will be brought to you at the arranged time.  A note to the teacher indicating early pick up is required to facilitate this procedure and ensure that your child is ready for pick-up.

  • Do not park on the street where traffic is congested. Enter the Synagogue parking lot from Westgate Blvd or the Northmount entrance closest to the school wing.
  • Park in a designated parking space. Turn off your engine.
  • Do not communicate with your child by using the horn and do not allow your child to dart between parked cars.
  • Please leave your car and escort your child from the exit of our school.

Section 8: Snacks & Food

All snacks brought by students must be KOSHER AND NUT FREE.

In order to provide a safe environment for all of our students, our policy forbids students in our school from bringing any food items from home containing nut products.  Please wash your child’s hands thoroughly before he/she attends school.

We ask that you send you child(ren) to school each session with a water bottle and a healthy, nut free, kosher, dairy snack.  The school will provide special foods for various holiday celebrations and we will communicate these days in advance.

Section 9: Children with Allergies

Any parent who has a child with allergies or who requires emergency medication will be required to fill out Emergency Medical Forms with Physician and Parental written permission to administer emergency medication.

Parents will be required to adhere to our strict policy of coming in to personally discuss their child’s allergy, medications and emergency plans of action with the staff.

Parents and teachers/principal will sign off on the Allergy/Anaphylactic Plan of Action Form after this visit has taken place.  Written documentation of any changes made to allergy information or treatment must be provided.  Students who are anaphylactic must always carry an epipen with them.  Our staff will be trained in the use of an epipen.  

Section 10: Fire Safety/Evacuation and Lock Down Plan:

Security is a priority throughout the synagogue and that includes Adath Hebrew Academy and our entire school wing.  A-HA has a fire safety, evacuation and lockdown plan in place to ensure the safety of each of our students and staff (for which we will conduct drills throughout the year).

In the case of an emergency evacuation, Summit Heights Public School field will be used as an emergency location during Hebrew School hours. 

Section 11: Behaviour Management:

We ensure a safe and secure environment while recognizing the individual social and developmental needs of every child.  We always take a positive approach to classroom management.

Section 12: Off-Premise Excursions:

If an off-premise excursion is planned, parents will be informed well in advance and will be asked to sign a detailed permission note.  

Section 13: School Closings/Holidays:

Adath Hebrew Academy will be closed on all Statutory Holidays. We will be closed for December Break (2 weeks), Family Day weekend and March Break and Passover. Click HERE to review the annual school calendar.

Section 14:  Inclement Weather Policy:

Adath Hebrew Academy will make every effort to remain open in inclement weather.  However, it is at our sole discretion to close in severe weather conditions to protect the well-being of our students, parents and staff.  In this instance, emails will be sent Tuesdays by 2:30 p.m. and Sundays by 8:00 a.m. 

Section 15: A-HA! Family Convenience Program Participation

We are excited to re-introduce our Convenience Program for the 2021-2022 school year.

a) Carpool Program:

The majority of parents have acknowledged interest in participating in the Carpool Program. We look forward to parents and kids meeting each other if you don’t have that connection now.After the initial Tuesday session and once registration is finalized, we will be sending a registration form for all families who opted in to share contact details for each class. This will enable parents to set up carpools and playdates on their own. Information captured will include: Student and parents’ name; parent’s email; child’s school and FSA.

b) Walk Over Service from Summit Heights (Tuesday Afternoons at 3:40 pm)

For all students at Summit Heights between Grades 3 to 6, we will be offering an optional walk-over (or driving) service each Tuesday afternoon when classes are in session.

Students are to meet outside Door 4 at the 3:40 bell.

All families who are signed up will be sent a detailed letter explaining how this service will work along with a permission form which we will submit to Principal Mah’s office.

c) After-School Club (Tuesday Afternoons):

We are excited to welcome kids from a broad range of schools who will join us on Tuesdays between 3:45 and 4:30 for our after-school club.  Adath Israel volunteers and staff will supervise your children during that time.

The after-school club offers your kids a chance to catch up on homework, eat snacks (kosher and nut-free of course), chill, hang out and socialize with old and new friends from around the city.

From our experience two years ago, we do not have plans to formalize the Club into a focused learning-based program as the intent is to allow kids to decompress between the school day and Hebrew School.

d) For entry into the After School Club and school on Tuesday afternoons, students must enter through our main security entrance at the Westgate Avenue entrance where our guard will register the kids upon arrival.  They will be escorted downstairs to Greenspoon Hall for the After School Club if they arrive before 4:30 pm.

Anyone arriving at 4:30 (or later) will be escorted to their classrooms:

    • Grade 3 & 4: Ulrich Hall
    • Grade 5 & 6: Greenspoon Hall

Dismissal will be via the school wing entry/exit doors.

Section 16: Tuition Payment

A-HA offers flexible payment terms. You can pay all at once or in two or three installments.

Payment dates:

  • October 15th
  • November 15th
  • December 15th

Fee Schedule: Click HERE

To pay: Click HERE.


Thank you for reviewing our 2021-2022 Parents’ Handbook.

Please remember to review our COVID protocols in Appendix 1 which follows.  We look forward to an incredible school year in collaboration and partnership with you!

Avivit Yoffe Ashley Waltman Bernie Rabinovitch
Principal Education Committee Chair Executive Director
avivit@adathisrael.com bernie@adathisrael.com




The state of the COVID-19 pandemic is constantly changing.  These measures will be continuously reviewed and updated as required.

The purpose of providing this document to our parent and staff community is to reduce the risk of the spread of COVID-19 at Adath Hebrew Academy , and protecting the health, safety and well-being of all students, staff, parents and community members, as much as possible.

These measures were created in collaboration with our Medical Advisory Committee and in accordance with Toronto Public and the Government of Ontario guidelines and recommendations.

Our COVID policies were developed with the utmost concern for the Jewish value of pikuach nefesh, saving a life, as well as our ongoing dedication to providing a dynamic, safe learning environment for all of our students.

We recognize that the best way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is to minimize the risk of introduction of the disease into the school setting in the first place.  Achieving this is a partnership between the school and families.  It is critical that staff, students and parents/guardians are aware of, and adhere to, the control measures outlined and that we all fully cooperate.


Vaccination policy:

  • All persons 12 years or older who enter the shul must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 at least 14 days prior to entry with a vaccine approved by Health Canada.
  • Vaccination status must be declared on registration forms for any event inside the shul.
  • Students turning 12 during the school year will have 3 months from the time of their birthday to get double-vaccinated.
  • Teachers will be required to show proof of vaccination.

Set-Up and Gathering: 

  • Social distancing of 6 feet (2 m) will be in effect. If classrooms don’t allow for the proper social distancing, we will instead be using the shul’s social halls as classrooms when necessary
  • Cohorts (classes) can mix together for T’fillah, assemblies, in the Sanctuary. When using the sanctuary, all classes will sit separately and apart from other classes. The main floor of the sanctuary has a capacity of 900+ so achieving social distancing will not be problematic.

Entrance Procedures:

  • All students must enter through the school wing doors (at the corner of Southbourne and Northmount), not via the Westgate Blvd entry. This includes students who arrive after classes start.
  • For the purposes of contact tracing and our student’s safety, attendance will be taken on each school day for anyone who is entering the building.
  • Anyone who exhibits symptoms of COVID-19 may not attend school. The Toronto District School Board has identified a series of symptoms that require a student to stay home and get tested for COVID-19.  These symptoms include:
    • Fever and/or chills
    • Coughing or barking cough (croup)
    • Shortness of breath
    • Decrease or loss of taste or smell
    • Nausea
    • Vomiting and/or diarrhea.
  • Parents will not be able to enter the building. Parents will be required to drop their children off at the entry door. Our staff will escort each child to his or her class.
  • All children and staff must sanitize their hands upon entry to the building.


  • Masks (regardless of age and vaccination status) will be always required indoors.  The masks must be worn so that they cover the mouth and the nose.
  • Students/teachers should bring their own masks. The school will maintain a small inventory of three-ply masks in case a strap breakage.
  • Masks must be worn outdoors when students gather with their teacher.

Cleanliness and Hygiene:

  • Hand sanitizer will be available in each classroom.
  • Students are discouraged from sharing school supplies. Disinfectant sprays/wipes will be available and used at the teacher’s discretion.
  • The shul’s washrooms will be thoroughly cleaned prior to class.


  • All students/staff should bring their own kosher, nut free snacks and water bottles.
  • Students can remove their masks for snack time but must remain seated and maintain their distance.
  • No sharing of food amongst students will be allowed.


  • Communal singing is permitted but all participants must wear masks. 



  • If a student gets sick while at school, parents (or the emergency contact listed) will be notified and the child will need to be picked up.
  • If a student gets sick outside of school time, they can only return to school if one of the following conditions are met:
    • If no COVID test was taken:
      • If a health care provider has determined that symptoms are not COVID-related, students may return to school 24 hours after symptoms have improved.
      • If symptoms are similar to COVID, students may return to school 10 days after the onset of symptoms.
    • If the COVID test was negative: students may return to school 24 hours after symptoms improve.
    • If the COVID test was positive: follow the advice of Public Health – (416) 338-7600.

COVID Infection:

  • If a student or anyone within a student’s family tests positive within 48 hours of attending school, the school must be notified immediately and the child should not attend school for the duration of isolation.  Families and the school should follow the advice of Public Health regarding safe return to school. Call 416 338 7600.
  • If there is a case of COVID-19 in the school, Adath Israel will call Toronto Public Health to get advice on the next steps, including school closures and notification of families.  The school will comply with all demands of Public Health officials, including sharing information such as schedules, attendance lists and families’ contact information.
  • Students/staff who have been advised to isolate as a result of exposure to COVID-19 should not attend school for the duration of their isolation.

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