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Adath Hebrew Academy


Adath Hebrew Academy is a unique and progressive supplementary school that empowers your children to create their own personal A-HA moments on their educational journey from JK to Grade 6. We educate our students in the spirit of Judaism – traditions & customs, circle of life, and B’nai Mitzvah preparation – so they will become:

Confident Hebrew readers who are Bar/Bat Mitzvah ready
• Deeply connected to Jewish culture, history and Israel
• Comfortable participating in Shabbat & Holiday prayers
• Engaged with new Jewish friends

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Please click HERE or scroll to the bottom of this web page for registration details. Registration is open for the 2022-23 school year now. The school year starts September 18th.


Using a 21st-century approach to education, at Adath Hebrew Academy, we teach our students to become involved, committed, and engaged members of the Jewish community.  Our staff is devoted to engaging children in hands-on experiential learning, inspiring them to embrace their faith and Jewish heritage.


The school term will begin on Sunday, September 18th for all grades from JK – Grade 6. Classes will run until May 14, 2023. The first Tuesday session for students in Grades 3 to 6 will be on September 20th.

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Please click HERE to view our Parent Handbook for 2022-2023.


  • Sundays (Grades JK to 6): 9:30 am to 12:15 pm
  • Tuesdays (Grades 3 to 6): 4:30 pm to 6:15 pm


While we are confident that we will be back in the classroom this September, we will be prepared to pivot to online learning if the Province requires it.

We are in ongoing contact with the shul’s Medical Advisory Committee, which includes our member, Dr. Ronald Cohn, the President of the Hospital for Sick Children.

The MAC has been instrumental in helping to ensure the safety of our students, parents, and teachers throughout the pandemic. We will continue to update our registered families as we approach Day 1.


We are delighted to welcome back our Principal – Avivit Yoffe – for her second year at the helm of Adath Hebrew Academy.  As our current parent group and student body have learned, Avivit is a passionate, innovative and dynamic educator.  We encourage you to reach out to Avivit with any questions or feedback. We also welcome Ariella Markus as our Vice Principal for the 2022-2023 school year. This is Ariella’s 7th year working at AHA. She is passionate about teaching and Jewish education, and is excited to continue teaching in addition to her new responsibilities as Vice Principal. Ariella is currently pursuing a Master’s degree at York University. She is conducting research on the intersection of the fields of Education, Religion, and Gender/Feminist studies.

Avivit and Ariella will be joined again by Ashley Waltman, the chair of our shul’s Education Committee.  Ashley is a respected educator in Toronto, having served as Principal at North Toronto Collegiate and Robbins Hebrew Academy. Ashley has been a member of Adath Israel for 40 years and is proud to be Zayde to two of our A-HA students.

Avivit, Ariella and Ashley will work closely with our clergy and the Education Committee (which includes A-HA parents and professional educators) to further build upon our core success pillars – curriculum advancement, teaching and instruction, parent engagement, and communication.


At A-HA, we employ an Experiential Learning and Spiral Curriculum approach that provides students with the opportunity to develop enhanced principles, concepts, skills, and understanding as they progress through each grade. Our curriculum goals include:

  • Educate our students in the spirit of Judaism – traditions, customs, circle of life and prepare them for their Bar/ Bat Mitzvah.
  • Make connections to our students’ real-world life experiences through teaching the stories of the Torah and its significance in creating the foundation of Jewish traditions and values.
  • Establish in our students a deep love for Judaism and connection to the Land of Israel.

Special Curriculum Features

    • Experientially based activities and group work which foster relationship building amongst students
    • Resource support
    • Shinshinim (Click HERE)
    • Music
    • Grade 3 – Siddur Ceremony
    • Grade 3-6 weekly prayers and get-togethers with our clergy
    • Shabbat Morning Services and special Family Services
    • Giving back to our community

Click HERE to view the 2022-2023 A-HA Curriculum by grade.


We passionately believe in the merit of 2 day-a-week Hebrew School for students in Grades 3 to 6.  We also understand the challenges of bringing your children to Bathurst and Wilson on Tuesday afternoons.  So, we are committed to continuously expanding and improving our A-HA Convenience Program to make it easier for your family.

  1. Free walk-over service from Summit Heights (Tuesdays at 3:40 pm)
  2. Free supervised After-School Club (Tues: 3:45-4:30 pm)
  3. Parent-Led Carpool Program
  4. New: Tuesday Parent Drop-In Lounge. Parents are welcome to use our WiFi-enabled library and boardroom after drop-off and/or before pick-up to continue their workday, relax or schmooze while enjoying kosher snacks from our kitchen.


We know we need YOU to continue building our school! That is why we are continuing our incentive program, one that rewards new and returning families to ease the strain on your pocketbook.

Referral and First-Timer Program

  • For returning families who refer a new student, we will reimburse $50/student from your tuition.
  • For new families attending our Hebrew School for the first time, we will reimburse $50/new student from your tuition as our welcome gift.

For further questions about the A-HA incentive program, you may contact Shulamit Heisler, our Administrative Assistant, at the office. All contact details will be provided below.


  • Click HERE to view the 2022-23 calendar.


  • Click HERE to review the Parents’ Handbook for 2022-23.


We recognize the impact of inflation, so we have maintained Early Bird pricing at the same rate as the past three years. The regular price has been raised by less than 3%.  Please read below for more details.

To take a closer look at our FEE SCHEDULE, please click HERE to download a PDF version. Please note our payment options:

Early Bird 1 Offer – Pay in Full (Ended June 10th):

    • Register and PAY THE EARLY BIRD PRICE IN FULL by June 10th (Note: Early Bird has now expired).
    • Qualify for Early Bird savings and receive $125 Adath Dollars per child to use towards synagogue membership or A-HA registration fees for 2022-23.

Early Bird 2 Offer – Deposit Only:

    • Register with a deposit of $150 by June 10th to reserve your spot (Note: Early Bird has now expired).
    • For those paying after after June 10th, REGULAR RATES apply.
    • You can choose to pay in FULL or in INSTALMENTS. Final payment is due by Nov 1.
    • Your benefit is, you will receive a credit for $75 Adath Dollars per child to use towards 2022 synagogue membership or A-HA registration fees for 2022-23.

Regular Payment Program: 

    • After June 10th, a deposit of $150 is due upon registration.
    • Installment payments must begin no later than September 1st.
    • Final payment is due by Nov 1.

UJA Community Scholarship

Adath Israel is partnering again with the UJA Federation to offer UJA Community Scholarships:

  • For more details about the program, please click HERE.
  • Click HERE to apply confidentially through the UJA. 


The refund policy for a student who withdraws from Adath Hebrew Academy prior to or during the 2022-2023 school year is outlined below. Or click HERE to review on our dedicated webpage.

Deposit Fully refundable until September 1
Until Sept. 11, 2022 A full refund of tuition payments less your $150 deposit
Sept 12 – Oct 2, 2022 Pay a $200 Administration Fee
From October 3+ No Refund


Registration must be completed online for the 2022-2023 school year on our ShulCloud database.  Please click HERE to begin

For questions about payment, please call Financial Manager, Perry Zosky at 416.635.5340 (307).


  • Connect with Administrative Coordinator, Shulamit Heisler (, as the first point of contact regarding registration details and payment.
  • Contact Principal Avivit Yoffe for all questions related to academics @
  • Check below for FAQ’s that our parents are asking.




Is there any sibling discount for families sending more than one child to A-HA?

  • No, discounts are not available for TWO siblings.
  • If a third child is enrolled, we will meet with the family to coordinate fair savings for the third enrolled child.

The early bird offers include either $125 or $75 Adath Dollars.  Is that an additional decrease from the early bird price listed on the fee schedules linked in the email?

  • Early Bird 1 pricing is available for those who pay in full by June 10th, for which you will also receive $125 in Adath Dollars to lower tuition fees or to use towards shul membership.
  • For the Early Bird 2 offer, because you are paying AFTER June 10th, regular rates apply.  However, you will qualify for $75 in Adath Dollars to use towards a reduction in Hebrew School fees or your shul membership.
  • However because of the inflexibility of the ShulCloud payment system, we encourage anyone interested in an Early Bird offer to call Perry Zosky, Financial Manager at 416 635 5340 (307).

For the Early Bird Offer 2, do I have to pay the full rate?  And am I entitled to $75 Adath Dollars?

  • Yes, the Early Bird Offer2 was included so parents could reserve their child’s spot for just a $150 deposit but full payment is required.
  • For that commitment, we will offer $75 Adath dollars upon completion of payment.
  • Families do not have to start paying tuition fees until after June 10th and must begin no later than Sept. 1st.
  • Final payments are due by November 1st. 

Is the $150 deposit refundable? Until when?

  • Your deposit is refundable until September 1st. Click HERE for more details about the Refund Policy.

Does the deposit count toward the fees or is that in addition to the fees? 

  • Yes, the $150 deposit does count towards tuition.  A reminder, if you are taking advantage of the Early Bird 1 offer, you must pay in full at the time of registration (and no later than June 10th) and we encourage you to speak with Financial Manager, Perry Zosky to help you through the process.

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