Service Times

Service Times

All morning and evening Minyanim – including Friday’s Kabbalat Shabbat and Saturday’s Havdalah services – will be held via Zoom

  • There will be no in-person services at this time.
  • Please note Saturday evening service times reflect the Zoom Havdalah for April.
  • For May, June and July, the posted services times reflect Havdalah times at the conclusion of Shabbat.
  • Blank spots represent no services at those times

April 2021 to June 2021

Day/Date Shacharit Minchah / Ma'ariv
Monday April 197:30 AM7:45 PM
Tuesday April 207:30 AM7:45 PM
Wednesday April 217:30 AM7:45 PM
Thursday April 227:30 AM7:45 PM
Friday April 237:30 AM7:00 PM
Saturday April 249:30 AM9:10 PM
Sunday April 258:30 AM7:50 PM
Monday April 267:30 AM7:50 PM
Tuesday April 277:30 AM7:50 PM
Wednesday April 287:30 AM7:50 PM
Thursday April 297:30 AM7:50 PM
Friday April 307:30 AM7:00 PM
Saturday May 19:30 AM9:07 PM
Sunday May 28:30 AM8:00 PM
Monday May 37:30 AM8:00 PM
Tuesday May 47:30 AM8:00 PM
Wednesday May 57:30 AM8:00 PM
Thursday May 67:30 AM8:00 PM
Friday May 77:30 AM7:00 PM
Saturday May 89:30 AM9:17 PM
Sunday May 98:30 AM8:10 PM
Monday May 107:30 AM8:10 PM
Tuesday May 117:30 AM8:10 PM
Wednesday May 127:30 AM8:10 PM
Thursday May 137:30 AM8:10 PM
Friday May 147:30 AM7:00 PM
Saturday May 159:30 AM9:26 PM
Sunday May 168:30 AM8:15 PM
Monday May 179:30 AM
Tuesday May 189:30 AM
Wednesday May 197:30 AM8:15 PM
Thursday May 207:30 AM8:15 PM
Friday May 217:30 AM7:00 PM
Saturday May 229:30 AM9:35 PM
Sunday May 238:30 AM8:25 PM
Monday May 248:30 AM8:25 PM
Tuesday May 257:30 AM8:25 PM
Wednesday May 267:30 AM8:25 PM
Thursday May 277:30 AM8:25 PM
Friday May 287:30 AM7:00 PM
Saturday May 299:30 AM9:43 PM
Sunday May 308:30 AM8:30 PM
Monday May 317:30 AM8:30 PM
Tuesday June 17:30 AM8:30 PM
Wednesday June 27:30 AM8:30 PM
Thursday June 37:30 AM8:30 PM
Friday June 47:30 AM7:00 PM
Saturday June 59:30 AM9:49 PM
Sunday June 68:30 AM8:40 PM
Monday June 77:30 AM8:40 PM
Tuesday June 87:30 AM8:40 PM
Wednesday June 97:30 AM8:40 PM
Thursday June 107:30 AM8:40 PM
Friday June 117:30 AM7:00 PM
Saturday June 129:30 AM9:54 PM
Sunday June 138:30 AM8:45 PM
Monday June 147:30 AM8:45 PM
Tuesday June 157:30 AM8:45 PM
Wednesday June 167:30 AM8:45 PM
Thursday June 177:30 AM8:45 PM
Friday June 187:30 AM7:00 PM
Saturday June 199:30 AM9:57 PM
Sunday June 208:30 AM8:45 PM
Monday June 217:30 AM8:45 PM
Tuesday June 227:30 AM8:45 PM
Wednesday June 237:30 AM8:45 PM
Thursday June 247:30 AM8:45 PM
Friday June 257:30 AM7:00 PM
Saturday June 269:30 AM9:58 PM
Sunday June 278:30 AM8:45 PM
Monday June 287:30 AM8:45 PM
Tuesday June 297:30 AM8:45 PM
Wednesday June 307:30 AM8:45 PM

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