Service Times

Service Times

As of Tuesday, September 6, after two and a half years of unprecedented challenge, we are thrilled to once again offer all prayer services in person.

We are glad to continue offering livestreaming of all our services to those who are unable to attend in-person services.

Saturday evening Mincha/Ma’ariv/Havdalah will also be resuming in-person.

November 2022 to January 2023

Day/Date Shacharit Minchah / Ma'ariv
Saturday November 269:00 AM4:30 PM
Sunday November 278:30 AM5:00 PM
Monday November 287:30 AM5:00 PM
Tuesday November 297:30 AM5:00 PM
Wednesday November 307:30 AM5:00 PM
Thursday December 17:30 AM5:00 PM
Friday December 27:30 AM4:30 PM
Saturday December 39:00 AM4:30 PM
Sunday December 48:30 AM5:00 PM
Monday December 57:30 AM5:00 PM
Tuesday December 67:30 AM5:00 PM
Wednesday December 77:30 AM5:00 PM
Thursday December 87:30 AM5:00 PM
Friday December 97:30 AM4:30 PM
Saturday December 109:00 AM4:30 PM
Sunday December 118:30 AM5:00 PM
Monday December 127:30 AM5:00 PM
Tuesday December 137:30 AM5:00 PM
Wednesday December 147:30 AM5:00 PM
Thursday December 157:30 AM5:00 PM
Friday December 167:30 AM4:30 PM
Saturday December 179:00 AM4:30 PM
Sunday December 188:30 AM5:00 PM
Monday December 197:30 AM5:00 PM
Tuesday December 207:30 AM5:00 PM
Wednesday December 217:30 AM5:00 PM
Thursday December 227:30 AM5:00 PM
Friday December 237:30 AM4:30 PM
Saturday December 249:00 AM4:30 PM
Sunday December 258:30 AM5:00 PM
Monday December 268:30 AM5:00 PM
Tuesday December 278:30 AM5:00 PM
Wednesday December 287:30 AM5:00 PM
Thursday December 297:30 AM5:00 PM
Friday December 307:30 AM4:30 PM
Saturday December 319:00 AM4:30 PM
Sunday January 18:30 AM5:00 PM
Monday January 28:30 AM5:00 PM
Tuesday January 37:30 AM5:00 PM
Wednesday January 47:30 AM5:00 PM
Thursday January 57:30 AM5:00 PM
Friday January 67:30 AM4:30 PM
Saturday January 79:00 AM4:45 PM
Sunday January 88:30 AM5:00 PM
Monday January 97:30 AM5:00 PM
Tuesday January 107:30 AM5:00 PM
Wednesday January 117:30 AM5:00 PM

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