It is not incumbent upon you to complete the work, but neither are you free to desist from it.

Wisdom of Ben Sira

Board of Governors 2018-2020

Members of the current Executive Committee and Board of Governors are listed below for the 2018-2020 term.

As we begin planning for the 2020-2022 term, please click HERE  to review a letter from our Election Committee chairman, Eric Gossin, identifying the Slate of Nominees for election to the 2020-2022 Board of Governors.  Also included are instructions for members who are not on the slate but who wish to stand for election to an executive or board position.

Please save June 7th as the date for an election (should one be required) as well as our Annual General Meeting (AGM).  Due to the COVID-19 shutdown, details for both will follow.



  • Marilyn Sherman
  • David Urbach
    1st Vice-President
  • Steven Goldberg
    2nd Vice-President
  • Paul Faibish
  • Shaul Dwosh
  • Paul Feldman
    Immediate Past President
  • Mark E. Alter
    Appointed Past President

Board of Governors

  • Robert Besunder
    Co-Chair High Holidays
  • Adrienne Cohen
  • Ronald Cohn
  • Claudette Edghill
    Co-Chair High Holiday
  • Robbie Feldman
    Membership and Retention
  • Aviva Fishbein
    Chesed and Community Participation
  • Philip Fuhrer
    Youth and Young Families
  • Michael Gladstone
  • Josh Gold
    Fund Raising
  • Barry Green
  • Stan Grossman
    Club L’Chayim
  • Harvey Hirsh
  • Bev Isaac
  • Danny Kamen
  • Simon Kaplansky
    Human Resources
  • Geitie Kramer
  • David Malach
    Education and School
  • Ellen Melman
    Catering and Rentals
  • Neil Moss
  • Michael Nadler
  • Bonnie Posel
    Budget and Finance
  • Susan Rubin
  • Belinda Schneeweiss
    Israel Affairs
  • Jonathan Shapiro
  • Gary Stoller
  • Joe Trager
    Adult Education and Programming
  • Charles Wrock
    Legal and Constitution
  • David Zelunka

Past Presidents

  • Morris Adams
  • Mark E. Alter
  • Alan Applebaum
  • Avrom Brown
  • Marsha Cohen
  • Samuel Cohen
  • David Feldman
  • Paul N. Feldman
  • Bernard Fishbein
  • Howard Goldstein
  • Len Goodman
  • Eric Gossin
  • Michael Lipton
  • Sheldon Parker
  • Larry Sonenberg
  • Randall Starr

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