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Shinshinim: Hello from Israel

Hey everyone! We are writing this letter to you while we are in isolation in our homes in Israel. We miss you all so much and we hope everyone is well. We are doing good! With everything that’s happening around the world these days, it’s really important to stay positive and use the time this situation gives us well. Being at home all day long isn’t easy, but if we try, we can do great things! Spend time with family, cook, bake, play together, go on online courses and there are so many more ideas and things going on in the world to support everyone in these weird times.

We’re using the time to do things we love but normally don’t have time to do.

During the isolation, Noga spends most of her time doing yoga, drawing, painting, listening to music, and exercising. She also stays in touch with her friends and family through Zoom until she goes out of isolation. Ron uses the time to work out, learning and practicing some yoga from Noga 🙂 and mostly makes music and reads books.

We’re writing this because even though we’re in Israel and everything is a little crazy right now, it’s really important for us to stay in touch with you and continue our work and relationships with you, which is now mostly possible online. We’re working on so many activities and ways to use this time in a good and engaging way with you.
Can’t wait for you to see what we’re working on and hopefully come back as soon as possible.

Sending you best wishes,
Noga and Ron

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