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The Value of Membership at Adath Israel Congregation

While many are still COVID-wary, life, for the most part, has returned to the way it was before the pandemic. However, there is a new twist.  Livestream is here to stay!   That being the case, there are many who question the worthiness of belonging to a synagogue. “Why, what for? Just so I can come for three days a year.”  “Hey, I can stream while sitting at home, in my sweats, drinking a coffee and tune in and out at leisure.” “No crowds, no hassles, no parking issues.” “Have you ever streamed into Park Avenue Synagogue for free? Wow!”

All of this is true and in certain circumstances, livestream has its place.  However, it is also true that livestream has diluted the human connection. Belonging to a synagogue is the essence of humanity . . . in sickness and in health – in sadness and in joy.

There is no better place than Adath Israel to bring people together to celebrate a B’nai Mitzvah, wedding, or baby naming.  There is no better place than Adath Israel synagogue to bring people together to comfort and support the bereaved.  There is no better place than Adath Israel where one can explore their Judaic roots, experience their Judaism, and pray for a better world. Day in and day out Adath Israel is your vehicle for family, community, friendship, learning and worship. We have it all to offer to those who wish to participate.

Aside from the compelling reasons noted above, it is more important than ever to support your synagogue. With the continuing rise of global antisemitism, Jews everywhere must stand together and show the world that we are one people, working together to ensure it will never happen again. Unfortunately, the foundation of a strong and unified Judaism is becoming fractured. An aging demographic, combined with a lack of interest, competition from larger Jewish organizations, and a myriad of after-school and weekend programming and activities, has played a role in the downfall and divisiveness of the synagogue as the cornerstone of our religion.

Renewing your membership at Adath Israel is yet another step forward in committing yourselves to the ideals and strengths of the Jewish people, personally and globally.

To join Adath Israel or for more information, please contact Carol Handelman at  or at
(416) 635-5340 ext. 309

Wed, 28 February 2024 19 Adar I 5784